Thursday, November 19, 2009

5 months!

I absolutely cannot believe that Austin is 5 months old! This month has been full of many new firsts for our little guy. He has had his first solid food, went to his first basketball games (and i think he likes it!), got to experience his first Baylor homecoming, his firstHalloween, went to his last Baylor football game of the season, sat is the bumbo seat for the first time, and has finally rolled over! Austin continues to grow and change everyday and is really starting to look more like a little boy than just a baby. We have all settled into more of a routine and it just seems like Austin has been part of us forever. Here are some pictures of his firsts this past month.

The first feeding of cereal

1st bite-not so sure about this....where is my bottle!?!

a little reassurance....

if at first you don't succeed, try again and again

i got this...

see it's not soo bad

and first cereal
feeding is complete

Rolling over (finally!!!)

started on his tummy....

off he goes...

and ended on his back!!!

Sitting in his bumbo seat

both boys seem to like this set-up!!

**The Baylor homecoming and Halloween pictures are in separate posts so check those out!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Baylor Homecoming

Baylor homecoming has always been one of my most favorite traditions and I was so excited this year to share it with Austin. We started homecoming weekend with my best friend and roommate from college, Johann, coming into Waco to visit. We had dinner at Bush's Chicken, an all-time Waco favorite of Johann's, and then headed up to campus to walk around and reminisce. After some shopping at the bookstore we headed back home to get bundled up for the bonfire. The pep rally and bonfire was right in the heart of campus this year. Brent, Austin, Johann and I all enjoyed getting to watch the fireworks and bonfire. Austin did really well with all the people and loud noises going on.
celebrating Austin's first baylor homecoming!!

the fireworks display (pretty impressive show from the heart of campus!)

the bonfire- such a beautiful sight
Johann, Austin and I in front of the bonfire

Austin and Johann at the pep rally.

My all time favorite part of homecoming weekend is definitely the parade. We all woke up early Saturday morning and headed to campus to enjoy Austin's first parade. It was prefect morning for a parade!!

Austin all bundled up ready to see the floats

the start of the parade with the big baylor bear balloon

Austin slept through the first part of the parade but Brent was able to get a shot of him with the baylor bear in the background.

Austin actually watching some of the parade

enjoying our time together at the parade

one of the floats in the parade
(this was KOT's "Jungle Book" float that actually broke down right in front of us and held up the parade for almost 20 minutes until they could get it moving again- a first in all my parade years)

This was my five year anniversary since graduation so before the game the class of '04 had a reunion luncheon. We didn't see too many of my old friends but it was still nice to hang out and eat some yummy Uncle Dan's. We of course we go to the football game but that is most a formality. Since it was pretty sunny and was not going to be a win, we only stayed until half-time.

Austin of course slept through the first quarter
(it was super sunny so i had to cover him up so he wouldn't get burned- hence the blankie on his head)

what a fun homecoming weekend!!

I cannot believe it has been five years since I graduated from Baylor. These years have been the most exciting and life changing years for me and my family. I am very grateful for my time at Baylor and the life that it lead to! I look forward to many more Baylor homecomings and getting to share them with Austin and Brent.


What a fun first halloween we had with our little Austin! Our celebrating started on Friday with the Fall Carnival at my school. Austin of course wore his costume and came to help mommy run her booth. He had so much fun that he had to nap for about an hour of the carnival but that didn't keep him from being a helper. I was in charge of the Duck Pond booth and little A was a very cute teammate. All my students, some current and some former, loved getting to see my baby. I think they asked a million times "is that your real baby?", which made me laugh every time as I answered "yes, this is him".

all dressed up and ready to go!

worn out from all that carnival fun!

helping out at the carnival

Saturday was actually halloween and we started the day by heading out to get costumes for Brent and I. After costumes were all found, Austin and I met Brent at the Baylor vs. Nebraska game. We made it about half-time which was actually perfect timing for us. Of course Baylor lost but it was fun to show Austin off to all our friends in our section. Post game the whole family headed home to start getting ready for our halloween party that night. Austin napped, Brent watched football and I made snacks to take with us. All the couples in our bible study group decided we would have a "costumes mandatory" halloween party that night. We all got dressed up and headed out. Brent and I went as farmers and Austin was our pumpkin!! (pretty clever costumes if I do say so myself!) We had such a good time hanging out with our bible study friends. We ate, talked and played games all evening.

The cookies I made!!

Austin was a little too long for his pumpkin costume so it didn't last too long at the party. Luckily he had his jack-o-lantern onesie underneath so the family ensemble still worked. What a cute pumkin inside a pumpkin!!

the farmers and their pumpkin!!

we tried to get an official halloween photo but Austin was not interested at all!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

4 months old

Wow! How times flies when you are having fun! I can hardly believe that Austin is already 4 months old! He had his four month check-up today and his stats are:
weight- 13 lbs 3 ounces (50th percentile)
length- 25.5inches (75th percentile)

The doctor said he was "just perfect!" He is growing right on track, looks great and is really strong (even though he doesn't roll over yet). Here are the pictures of our doctor visit today. As you can see it had lots of tears!!

crying in the waiting room

crying getting weighed

crying getting measured

the crying stopped for a minute before the shots came

and finally it was over!! I just love this picture of Austin clinging to his blankie for dear life. He was so sad I didn't even bother re-dressing him after his appointment; I just took him home for some rest!

This fourth month brought lots of new experiences for Austin. This month he started going to the baby-sitters full time, which was much harder on mommy than on Austin! He got to go to his first PTA meeting at my school (not that exciting I know). We had Austin's baby dedication at church. He went on his first road trip to Oklahoma and sadly got in his first car wreck. But the most precious of all is that he is laughing now! He likes to be tickled and gives the best laughs when you tickle his tummy and chest. It is the best sound in the world!! He has also found a new toy in his FEET!! I don't have pictures of him at the baby-sitters since I am not there and didn't think to take any at PTA. The pictures from Oklahoma are in a separate blog so this one will include all the adorable feet pictures!

one of the first times he grabbed those little toes!

grabbing and trying to eat his feet

Austin got those super cute little lion slippers as a baby shower gift, so I figured now that his feet are so interesting to him that he should wear them! He really enjoyed trying to get the lion!

And of course we had the official 4 month photo shoot in the nursery chair. And in honor of the upcoming holiday Austin wore his jack-o-lantern onesie! Austin did really well this month as I tried to take his picture the only issue we had was that he kept trying to get his feet!!

feet are more fun that photos!

so cute!

and of course the "official" 4 month photo was the first shot!
he looks like such a big boy and so happy!!